Nature, sports and family atmosphere


Hi, we are Laura and Jordi and we want to share our story with you. Even though we and our children are born and raised in Barcelona and we love the city's spirit, we always envisioned living in the countryside. For years it was just a thought but now we can finally welcome you to Can Gich, our dream come true. I have been an ER nurse for over 20 years but this year 2019 I decided to break off with my small and comfortable city life. A few months ago the idea of moving out to the countryside started growing on me and it kept getting bigger and bigger. I started thinking of the open spaces, the experiences and especially the life we could give to our two daughters Ona and Laia in a natural landscape, surrounded by fresh air, connected with nature and with the quality attention they deserve. And this is how I finally decided to take on this new life project, with the aim to create a place to connect with nature, share and enjoy. Can Gich has become a home that shares our values, our love for music, mountain sports, biking, running and good eating. Essentially a place to celebrate life. Welcome to Can Gich, a place created with lots of enthusiasm and an extra serving of happiness and love. Come on in, the door is always open. By the way, the one in the photo is called Gich and is one of our dogs 🙂


Some of our favourite spots at Can Gich


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